Don’t Work Too Hard

By: Richard Nickel

Group of Carolina Bridge workers talking

Why is it acceptable to tell somebody, “don’t work too hard”? You would never tell someone to half-ass a job, or to make sure they screw off ― which is exactly what they’re saying when they say, “don’t work too hard.” The bigger issue is by telling somebody to not work too hard, you are telling them that you hope they don’t succeed. At the end of the day, there are two things that create success: hard work and being able to build relationships. Without a combination of the two, nothing will change.

Hard work is so much more than just putting in physical effort:

  • It’s hard work to not give up
  • It’s hard work to go to bed instead of getting drunk or high
  • It’s hard work to read and learn something new instead of watching TV
  • It’s hard work to get up 30 minutes early so you can be earlier to work
  • It’s hard work to do something out of your comfort zone
  • It’s hard work not to gossip
  • It’s hard work to get your hands dirty
  • It’s hard work to be humble
  • It’s hard work to live within your means
  • It’s hard work to accept that you don’t know everything
  • It’s hard work to coach and mentor somebody instead of beating them down
  • It’s hard work to forgive
  • It’s hard work to work smarter
  • It’s hard work to work toward a common goal
  • It’s hard work to follow the golden rule
  • It’s hard work to carry out a plan you do not agree with
  • It’s hard work to eat better
  • It’s hard work to put the team ahead of yourself

And the list goes on…

There are boundless opportunities in construction, but they all come with hard work. It’s hot in the summer and cold in the winter. There are plenty of days where you will be covered in grease, dirt, and sweat ― but the feeling you get from helping to build something that improves people’s lives makes it all worthwhile. There are few other careers that can give somebody the sense of accomplishment that construction can.

We always have openings we are trying to fill, but if you think it is possible to get ahead by “not working too hard,” please do not apply.

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