Everybody is the CEO of their own small business, YOU Inc.

By: Richard Nickel


Everybody is the CEO of their own small business YOU Inc.. No matter who you are or what you do you are the CEO of your own business. When you go to work with a company you are not giving up your CEO position you are agreeing to combine your efforts with all the other small business owners working with the same company. As any smart CEO knows you need to pick other CEOs to work with that have like minded goals and world views.

A company is no more than a group of individual CEOs working towards a common goal. When that goal is reached everybody in the company benefits. Regardless of the job somebody does within a company everybody is equally important and without everybody doing their job the whole suffers.

The competition is outside of the company you work with not in it. The moment you start believing it is inside the company you are working with then you are not only hurting yourself but all the other CEO’s you have agreed to work with.

As the CEO of YOU Inc. it is important to keep investing in your business by learning new skills and maximizing your talents. Your small business will succeed only if the people around you are succeeding as well. By lifting the other CEO’s up and helping them you are lifting your self up.

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