Tad Timmons

Equipment Superintendent

Tad is married with four children and two grandchildren. He enjoys going on sand rail buggy rides through the mountains, and he is also an avid raccoon competition hunter, competing in events all across the United States. He loves camping with his family and friends in campgrounds along the east coast.

Tad started as a mechanic in his dad's shop at 12 years old, where he worked on small engines until he was 15. Then he moved over to the heavy equipment side, where he started learning how to be a heavy equipment mechanic and welder. At 17 years old, Tad left his dad's shop to work with a highway construction company as a mechanic for eight years, traveling from job site to job site repairing and maintaining heavy equipment. His next adventure in the working world lasted almost 15 years, as he traveled the east coast repairing heavy log, coal, and chip-moving equipment in power plants and paper mills. Tad grew tired of travel and needed a break to help raise his children, so he decided to join the heavy mobile crane mechanic industry, where he spent the next three years repairing cranes. He then accepted an offer to be a service manager at another heavy equipment repair company. After two years in this position, he was approached by Carolina Bridge.

Tad decided in July 2016 he would join the team at Carolina Bridge, where he started as a mechanic and equipment manager. After being with Carolina Bridge for a year, he was promoted to Equipment Superintendent where he worked closely with all job superintendents, making sure the equipment was on-site and operating properly. In July 2018, Tad hired a mechanic to take over repairs on the equipment. Now Tad’s duties at Carolina Bridge include managing equipment repairs and movement. He also helps with the recruitment of new employees, training, and some human resources duties.

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