Troy Infinger


Troy is married with three children. He enjoys the outdoors, including deer and raccoon hunting, fishing, and camping. He spends time boat riding on the lake during the summer, and generally enjoying family time away from work. Troy is very much a family man who loves having cookouts with family and friends.

Troy started his working career at a young age in his family’s full-service station, where he learned to service and maintain cars and trucks. They even worked on farm tractors from time to time. He continued with the family business for about five years, then went to work with various construction companies for the next four years, where he maintained all types of equipment and trucks. Troy then decided he wanted to join the towing industry for the next ten years. During his time as a tow-truck driver he had some interesting calls, and he saw some bad accidents. He got tired of all the late-night calls, and decided to go back to the mechanic field, where he spent the next decade working for various rental companies and dealerships as a heavy equipment mechanic.

Troy has been at Carolina Bridge for less than one year, where he works as a mechanic. Troy travels from job to job inspecting the equipment and making repairs.

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