NC Hwy 12

Ocracoke Island, NC

7/5/07 • $8,024,339

We replaced seven bridges along the only road connecting the north and south ends of the island. Our contract allowed only 75 days to close the road and replace all seven bridges. We replaced all of the bridges in just 45 days. Ocracoke Island is on the Outer Banks of NC and is only accessible by ferry. The village is on the south end, and the shortest ferry to the mainland is on the north end. During the project, the road to the north ferry dock was closed, and the only available detour was driving three miles on the beach to get around the project. We won a CAGC Pinnacle Award and an award from FHWA, the project was presented at the International Bridge Conference and Annual PCI Conference, and there was also a feature on UNCTV and an article in ENR. The island is very isolated with not many of the resources needed. We had to take everything with us, from hydraulic hoses to a portable kitchen to every nail and piece of lumber needed. We spent countless hours planning the project to make sure everything necessary was accounted for. The people involved in the project still talk about how exciting and fun it was.

Pinnacle Award Logo

CAGC Pinnacle Award for Best Highway–Heavy Project